Vic Dog – Terry Coles

2020 saw lots of change for us all and one of those changes in the background is the change of the Vic Dog website Administrator from Terry Coles to Nikki Janetzki.

Terry Coles has been the Administrator of the Vic Dog site for many years volunteering his time and assistance for many of the Performance sports in Victoria. Making available Schedules, Catalogues and numerous pieces of information relating to these sports – we all would have been lost without his help and assistance.

Thank you Terry from the whole community for your dedication and support of all our beloved sports.

Note from Dawn Howard

Terry Coles has done a wonderful job with for many years. He recently decided that it was time to hand over the reins for some of the sites that he runs. Nikki Janetzki came forward to do the job. I will let her tell you what she is planning. Thank you Terry for what you have done for all these years. Welcome to Nikki, who is gradually adding information to the new and updated website.

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