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Dog Height Measuring Procedure

All dogs competing in agility must be measured by authorised judges and/or officials where after a height card is issued indicating the dogs official height or height category.

Measuring of your dog can be conducted on the day of a trial where measuring is organised by the club. Some clubs also arrange measuring during training days/nights.

To apply to have a dog measured you must complete BOTH sides of the form with the same information. One side is retained by the Agility Committee and the other side will be your temporary height card until a laminated one is issued.
Please complete the form on your PC / Laptop etc to ensure that it is legible. Forms that are not clear will be rejected and you will have to wait until the next measuring day before you can trial.

Bring the printed form (both sides) together with $5 per dog for Height Measuring. Correct money please, no change given.

Remeasuring after 2 years old

If your dog was first officially measured when they were under 2 you would have been issued with a temporary height card. Once over 2 years old your dog will need to be remeasured before competing again. This can be arranged as per normal with a club at training or a trial.

Dog Height Measurement Form

Height Measurement Form PDF (Version: August 2017)
Preferred as it is a fillable form which is easier and quicker to complete – as populates the 2nd copy.

Old Forms (Version 2015)

Dog Height Measuring Information for Organisers

The Height Database is managed by the Agility Committee. Currently the administrator is Jessamy McKinnon.

Note from Jessamy: If a measuring event is organised, let me know (PM via FB or email). I can then arrange for a stamped envelope addressed to me and the forms can be sent directly. If you regularly organise these days, Iā€™m happy to get you some ready to go.

Judges Score Sheet – Blank

Whilst electronic entry systems are now the norm, there may be times when back up or blank paper score sheets are required.

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ANKC Agility Trial Multi-Dog Entry Form

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