Vic Dog refresh of website design

Over the break the Vic Dog website had a face lift to provide a new look, and to try to streamline where items are located to make things easier find and to update. As well as making the site automatically mobile friendly without having to do too much extra work on the Admin side.

Here is a Summary for you:

Home Page

  • Latest Updates – this is where you will see the last 5 posts of items that have been added or changed to the site. Such as new schedules, catalogues etc. You can filter on these by clicking on the Disciplines to display only those.
  • Discipline Section – will take you to a dedicated Page for each Sporting Discipline. Under each section will be Latest Updates for that specific discipline and other relevant information such as Top Dog Champions etc. More information will be added to each of these as they become available.

Events (Previously known as Calendar, Schedules & Results)

You can now view Events in several different formats:

  • By Date as a List – previously known as ‘Calendar’
  • By Month
  • By Closing Date

Events will contain all the relevant information for that Trial as they become available, such as the Schedule, Calendar and Results. Or any other relevant information.

Colours for each Discipline make it easy to find things at a glance. Or you can filter by any Discipline, Date, Location or even do a word search using the filter section at the top.

Events have been added for those that went ahead last year (2020). And up to and including March 2021. More months will be added when we know that the calendar information is correct.

Latest Updates will include links to the Event to make it easy for you to find things.

This provides links to each Discipline and their relevant information. As mentioned above.

Links to rules and prior notices of rule changes

Legacy Events
As it would be too time consuming to convert all Events prior to 2020 there is a link to the Legacy Events, Schedules, Catalogues and Results. This is in the old format of the site.

– Latest Updates (ALL) – this lists all the Latest Update posts. Filtering by Discipline is available at the top.
Provides links to other important information from original site.

Contact form to reach out to Administrator of the website.

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