Obedience & Rally O – Champions & Grand Champions

To qualify, the dog has to attain the obedience champion title , plus utility dog excellent, and then go on to attain a further five scores of 185 or more in the utility excellent ring, under at least three different judges

Sylvia Van Doorn &
Associate ‘Charli’

28 November 2011

Here is Sylvia with “Charli Girl” the Associate Labrador/Poodle who was first to get the Obedience Grand Champion and Rally RAE titles in Victoria.
Sylvia says ‘We had ceased trialing when the new Grand Champion title was introduced as Charli had attained the pinnacle of OC via the UD ring. We had never trialed, nor trained, for UDX and did not intend to, but with the Grand Champion on offer we started the journey and she was good enough to get a perfect 200 in her first UDX trial and get to OGrCh in the same year’

Beryl McCarthy &
Border Collie ‘Kali’

31 August 2012

Beryl McCarthy and Kali (Tullys Venture) were 2nd in Victoria to achieve OGrCh. Kali was retiring from the show world and became mine when she was just over two years old.
She only had show training so we started from scratch with the obedience training. Kali is a very sensitive dog so it was all positive reinforcement training. After 7 months work I entered her in a trial under the old rules- heel on lead and heel off lead etc and she won her class, she then competed for best in trial with another heeling pattern and won best in trial. In competitions she was always willing but sometimes made mistakes but most of her passes were in the 185plus so what she did she did well. Having said all that what is most important to me is she the best companion and always wants to be with me whatever I am doing.

Ian Woollard &
German Shepherd ‘Jake’

10 May 2013

Those who know Jake, find him to be a wonderfully natured German Shepherd Dog with a calm and friendly disposition, he puts both other dogs and people at ease. Jakes wonderful temperament is easy to live with and he is a very trust-worthy friend, however this does have a down side, competing in obedience at the higher level requires a little more effort and planning as Jake is not inspired by the work. To overcome this I try to be consistent in my handling so Jake always knows what to expect and what to do.
We acquired the early obedience levels, CCD, Novice and Open quite quickly, obedience was still new to Jake and his intelligence and co-operation made things relatively easy. As we progressed through UD and UDX it was necessary to focus more on motivation and although Jake’s performances are generally very good he does have his off days.
From the moment I learned of the OGrCh title this became my objective, as Jake was my second UDX dog I had an idea of what was involved. He was just shy of his 5th birthday when we achieved his OGrCh title in May 2013.
In December 2013 I retired Jake from obedience; he now does a bit of tracking and enjoys watching his niece Nyssah work.

Marta McKenzie &
Border Collie ‘Mac’

5 June 2014

Mac or affectionately called Macy is a truly versatile working dog. Beside Obedience he also did Rally, Tracking, Agility, Jumping and Endurance. We had a slow start in Obedience, Mac showed little interest and struggled first. So we took up Tracking and Agility instead and he truly enjoyed it.At the age of 2 years Mac become Tracking Champion, long before we got to serious Obedience work.Mac did not mature till almost 4 years of age. That was the time we knuckled down in Obedience. After attaining his UD Title we wanted more challenges, I decided to go further and train for UDX. This was a long journey with successes and failures, only perseverance kept us going. As a result we achieved Obedience Champion through UDX and finally Obedience Grand Champion Title.For the icing on the cake we were awarded by Dogs Victoria “2014 Top Obedience Dog of the Year”.Macy is 7 years old and not retiring yet. He may take a step back in Obedience for young Georgia .Mac is my second UDX Titled Border Collie in succession and second Top Obedience Dog of the Year in 2008. Macy is a good natured, friendly dog, lovely to live with, at times likes his privacy. 

Linda Johnson &
Standard Poodle ‘Roxy’

2 August 2014

“Roxy” is my constant companion. She is a joy to live with, train & trial.
“Roxy” has been trained exclusively with rewards based methods.
Astonishingly intelligent, biddable & enthusiastic, Roxy works with a very happy attitude.  She whizzed through CD, CDX & UD titles with many Highest Score in Trial awards, including Melbourne Royal & the Poodle National.
“Roxy” has been awarded the title of “Dogs Victoria State Obedience Champion Of The Year” multiple times.
“Roxy” has been awarded the title of “Dogs Victoria Top Obedience Dog of the Year” multiple times.
BOTH “Roxy” & I found UDX a real challenge! We BOTH sometimes felt discouraged & confused because for us, it was all so new & different. 
We worked through the challenges together as a team & were thrilled to attain the 5 additional UDX passes, over 185 necessary for the Grand Obedience Champion at the Victorian State Obedience Trial when she was age 4.