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21 Feb 18 FOO Autumn Sessions - Four Obedience & Rally Practice Sessions
20 Feb 18 BLUE LAKE Mt Gambier - Easter
Change of Judge Sat PM Rally (All Classes)
Yvonne Ross (Vic) replaces Julie Brown
20 Feb 18 Trial Calendar 2018
July & August Trials have been added to the Calendar.

02 Feb 18 Message From Northcote ODC
We are advising in advance that Northcote ODC will not be holding a trial this year. There is an immense development adjacent to our training ground (former APM site) and there will be no availability for parking and limited access. Elaine Billing (Secretary)

29 May Favorites & Bookmarks    For those viewing the site on a Mobile Phone or similar and enter the site directly on say the Calendar page (trials.htm), if you change that to enter directly to (index.htm) then your Mobile will be recognised and direct you to the Mobile page. You will get a better viewing result. Problems? Let me know via the Contact Form
23 Feb 2011 New Website
This new website follows on from Pamela Gelme's VicObedience site and Heather Hammonds' Anglefire-VicObedience site. Thanks to both for their work involved in keeping the Obedience, Tracking, Herding, DWD and Endurance community up to date with all the latest trial information.
This new website will list all submitted schedules in 'single trial' pages. Also Catalogues & Results can be submitted for publication. Trial Secretaries can use the Contact Form to forward Trial Schedules, Catalogues & Results as individual Word/PDF/HTML documents.