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Performance Entry Form - Modified - PDF  (02 Dec 2016)
For Obedience, Rally, Tracking, TSD, RAFT, Endurance & Earthdog Trials
Updated Dec 2016 to remove the HAS (Height at Shoulder) for Obedience & Rally Obedience
Updated Sept 2016 to include Rally Masters, Tracking Test 8, etc
Updated April 2014 to include the new TSD Test 7, 8, 9 & 10.
Updated May 2013 to include dropdown for Rally height categories which Trial Secretaries need.
You can save data typed into this form.
OTEC sincerely thanks Sharon Semple for making the various updates for them
Performance Entry Form - PDF
For Obedience, Tracking, Earthdog, Herding, RAFT & Endurance Trials
You can save data typed into this form.
Performance Entry Form in Powerpoint  (19 Apr 13)
For Obedience, Tracking, Earthdog, Herding, RAFT & Endurance Trials, etc
Just need to type the handler's and the dog's details once, copy the file to a new file for each trial and type the details of the trial in the new file. Thanks to Grace Rumantir. Feedback
Dances With Dogs Entry Form
For all Dances With Dogs Trials
Lure Coursing Entry Form  NEW
For Lure Coursing Trials
Application for Title Upgrade
To request a Title Upgrade.
You will be directed to the Championship/Award Certificate Application on the Dogs Victoria website.
The section is Dog Identification & Title Forms and the form you need is Championship/Award Certificate.

This form is changed each year (that is the cost of a Title Upgrade is increased each year) and the current cost is printed on the form.