Bermagui News From Dawn Howard
Latest News re Two Trials at Bermagui - Feb 2020

 Thanks to Dawn Howard for the Bermagui updates!

Sat 29 Feb 2020   
Final Update from Dawn
Goodbye to Bermagui until next year. The Princes Highway was opened the week before the trials, although many Victorians went via the Hume Highway. It was the best weather I can remember. Wasnít too hot. Much needed rain fell over the first weekend, and it rained for the Sunday night trial, and all night into the Monday show. Otherwise not much rain except at night. I judged UDX on the rainy night, and I couldnít believe how well the dogs worked. The standard of  work in UD and UDX was impressive. 
The locals were very pleased that the Doggies had arrived as usual. They needed a bit of a cheer up. They certainly had been through a scary experience. Some club members who lived in bushland areas were directly impacted by the fires, but the fires did not actually get near Bermagui or Wallaga Lake. They did have a lot of smoke and anxiety.
Big thanks to all the crew for the great company and teamwork all around, especially Charlie & Liz Giles and Ron & Jan Probert who kept the trials running so smoothly.
Great week all around.

Sat 1 Feb 
Further Update from Dawn
We are busy packing the van to go to Bermagui. The shows and trials are definitely still on. All is in place. Obedience catalogue for Bega Valley will be sent out on Sunday, so the Queenslanders can have it before they leave. I spoke to the Orbost Vicroads people last week, and was told to call back to check on Tuesday 4th February. They thought the Princes Highway will be open by then. Unless there is another fire. The landslide was in a fairly small section and they have a lot of resources working on it. The other ways via Cooma and Canberra need to be checked before leaving. It might take a bit longer to get there, but it will be lots of fun as usual. It is important to check re road closures and fires. I have the ABC radio listen app, which tunes you into local stations as you drive along. I also have Vic Emergency and Australian Fires on my iPad and iPhone. See you all there. Regards Dawn

Tues 28 Jan  Update from Dawn (on the run)
The Bermagui trials are still on. The entries have been held open until Mon Feb 3rd. The NSW South Coast really needs the doggies back. The roads are the issue for Victorians. Most Victorians drive on the Princes Highway via Lakes Entrance. As of today that road is still being cleared and has been open for local access only. Big landslides after the fires were followed by rain. Still hoping it will be open for when we need to leave. If not, we will join the Northern Vics and go up the Hume, either via Cooma or Canberra. We all need to check Vicroads for news. I have some NSW people to advise closer to the event. i.e. next weekend (1st-2nd Feb). Obedience equipment untouched. Was stored in Bermi. Next update next weekend or earlier.

Tues 14 Jan   
Bermagui is untouched and the power is back on. The clubs and the ground are fine. Some committee members have been burnt out. The agility equipment was burnt and we think the Bega Valley Obedience equipment is probably unusable. They were not in Bermagui. We have to wait for the fire at Cann River to subside and the Princes Highway to open before we can get people there. At this stage, both Obedience Trial Secs are ready to go, and both are asking people to enter.
Charlie Giles is going to bring equipment from Belconnen Club, and is going to leave it there.
Canít do anything except tell people that the trials aren't canceled. And wait to see how far the road clearers go.